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Having a problem?  There are times in everyone's life when we confront challenges that leave us feeling confused, frustrated, lost, and even hopeless. When you or someone in your life is stuck in the face of psychological hurdles, turn to the experienced professionals at AAP

Associates for Applied Psychology is a multispecialty practice offering a full range of psychological and behavioral services to individuals and families of all ages.  Since its origins in the 1980s, AAP has attracted many highly respected psychologists and counselors with substantial expertise across a broad range of mental health domains.  The expertise of many of our staff has been recognized at the state, national, and international levels.

We aspire to be a one-stop center for all psychological therapy and assessment services in the Brazos Valley.  To learn more, tour the website or call us directly at (979) 268-1111.


Individual Therapy for Adults and children, & couples

Marital and Family therapy
Divorce counseling

Play Therapy

Health-related problems (smoking cessation, lifestyle changes, stress reduction)

Psychological Evaluations
    Personality functioning
    Adult ADHD
    Treatment Planning
    Forensic evaluation
        (competency, personal
         injury, etc.)

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